The N-SSA is an organization where you can:
• Competitively shoot different civil war era black powder firearms in both team and individual formats.
• Take part in the Living History side of the civil war. and w
ear traditional Civil War era clothing.
• Costuming events for men, women and children.
• Become educated in our Nation's history
BB gun matches for kids under 15
• Camping with family and friends.
• And much more...

You can get more information on our shooting events here


Check our ranges/regions and our calendar to pick a shoot that is close to you. Contact the Regional Commander to set up a time to meet and really get a feel for what the N-SSA is all about.
A list of Regional Commanders can be found here.

For the full experience, try to visit a National Event. There is a National held in the Spring and Fall of each year. They are held at Fort Shenandoah in Northern Virginia. Here you will be able to see all events including: All team shooting, artillery, individual, costume contest and most importantly you will get a feel for the great atmosphere of the N-SSA.

You also have the chance to shoot an individual target during any shoots individual target shooting. This will be up to you and the Regional Commander to set up a time and arrangements for equipment.

Use these helpful links to take a step towards joining the N-SSA




At our skirmishes we shoot the following in both team and individual formats. You DO NOT have to have all of these guns to compete or join. This will be up to the Team Commander. Most teams require at minimum a musket.

Click on the firearm for an enlarged image.

The .58 caliber percussion fired muzzle loader was the predominate shoulder arm of the Civil War and of our organization.  There are many models and variations but all fire the Minie ball using black powder ignited by a percussion cap.

A smaller lighter firearm, may be a muzzle loader but breach loaders predominate. Different cartridges containing powder and bullet are used depending on the model of the carbine.  All are fired with a separate percussion cap.

These fire an unpatched round ball usually of .69 caliber. Not as accurate as a rifled musket and there again are many variations.  There is a separate category of competition for this firearm.  These firearms predate the rifled muskets.

The Civil War saw the introduction of what can be considered "modern cartridges".  There are several models we allow to be used in this class of competition chambered for use with todays center fire ammunition but we allow only black powder to be used.

Loaded with loose powder and fired by percussion cap, the predominate revolver is the model 1858 Remington and it's variants.  Any non-cartridge revolver model used during the Civil War is acceptable.  And along with all other firearms they are used in both individual and team competitions.


All muzzle loading ammunition is prepared ahead of time using tubes closed on one end containing the powder and closed on the other end with the bullet.  All bullets are of lead or a lead alloy.  No loose powder is allowed and only Black powder is permitted.


Each team has different uniform rules and regulations. All uniforms worn in the N-SSA are accurate to the Civil War era. Most uniform components can be purchased though numerous vendors at Ft. Shenandoah's Sutler's Row in, VA.