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Pre 140th Nationals Press Release

The North-South Skirmish Association will hold its 140th National Competition October 4-6, 2019 at Fort Shenandoah near Winchester, Virginia. Member units complete in live-fire matches with original or authentic reproduction Civil War period muskets, carbines, breech loading rifles, revolvers, mortars and cannons. It is the largest Civil War event of its kind in the United States.

The Artilleryman - Fall 2019

Hard Work Pays Off at N-SSA 139th

Hosting a North-South Skirmish Association National Competition takes a great deal of time, dedication, organization and just plain hard work. Every unit in the Association takes its turn as one of the several host units; usually around 15 that field about 150 people. There is a skirmish director, their adjutant and a number of staff officers assigned to manage everything from scoring of targets to provost guard to sanitation.


The Smithgall Foundation Artillery Collection

Charlie Smithgall began sell-ing newspapers in the 1950s when he was 12 years old. His mother insisted that he save the money he made, so Smithgall even-tually banked enough money to buy his first artillery piece when he was in high school.

Civil War News - August 2019

Young Skirmishers Join the Fun at N-SSA 139th Nationals

The North-South Skirmish Association prides itself on its motto of “History, Competition and Camaraderie.” One of the many ways the Association does this is through youth competition. Dependents and guests of N-SSA members who are under the age of 15 and who are not members of the Association (minimum age for regular membership is 14) are eligible to participate in individual and team matches with pellet rifles or BB guns.