Unassigned Recruit

Unassigned recruits are people who have temporary individual membership in the N-SSA, but are not yet members of a member organization. This category of membership exists to allow new skirmishers a period to meet member organizations and to make informed decisions about their own memberships. This temporary individual membership is open to people who has never been a member of the N-SSA, or who have been voluntarily inactive in the N-SSA for five or more consecutive years, or who were members of member organizations, which have folded more recently.

You can be individual member for 1 year and then you are required to join a team.

Uniform Requirements

The minimum uniform of an unassigned recruit shall be a shirt and a hat of the Civil War period. Modern outerwear (other than foul weather gear appropriate to the day) may not be worn over the period shirt.


New Member - $80.

New Member Initiation Fee - $25

Total - $105
Regional dues could apply. Regional dues are collected by the individual regions. 

*Replacement or Additional Card  - $3

For more information

Judy Stoneburner

Melinda Litvinas

Recruit Company 

All unassigned recruits in a region shall constitute that region’s Recruit Company. The Recruit Company is not a member organization; it is a temporary holding company for unassigned recruits, and it does not have a voice or a vote in association or region business. People who are members of member or probationary organizations may not transfer into the Recruit Company of any region, nor may they become Unassigned Recruits. A recruit company will not be eligible for awards and shall not have national or regional classifications.

You can be individual member for 1 year and then you are required to join a team.

Recruit Companies

Allegheny Region Recruit Co.

Carolina Region Recruit Co.

Central Virginia Region Recruit Co.

Chesapeake Region Recruit Co.

Deep South Region Recruit Co.

Mid-Atlantic Region Recruit Co.

Midwest Region Recruit Co.

New England Region Recruit Co.

Northeast Region Recruit Co.

Northwest Region Recruit Co.

Potomac Region Recruit Co.

Tidewater Region Recruit Co.

Western Region Recruit Co.