Hello all. I was referred to the forum by someone that read this post on the AC.

As fate would have it, a museum I work with on occasion has acquired an ORIGINAL Henry Rifle.

With so many variables that can effect the value I would appreciate some input. I'm likely going to handle the rifle's sale in the coming weeks.

The s/n is 4334. It has sling swivels, works like a charm and has all the parts with which it was born - including the loading tube spring, which is still strong. The condition is encouragingly good and I see no evidence of cleaning - just a caring previous owner. It retains much of the original blued finish and the brass has aged beautifully. Patent stamp is strong, Oct. 1860.

I have a number of photos but I'm not able to upload them. I registered quickly without reading everything in detail and it may be that my posting privileges are insufficient at this time... my email address is lovewtua@yahoo.com and I can send photos as needed or post them here should the attachment issue be resolved.

If you can shed any light on the production year, your opinion of its value, etc., please share. I have some rough value figures from a few dealers and I've been told the 4334 serial number puts its manufacturing date somewhere around early 1864.

Again, any help is appreciated.

Mr. Courtney Micker