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Thread: Best musket nipples?

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    Best musket nipples?

    Wanted some opinions on the best type material for musket nipples. For Instance are the ones made from bronze worth the extra price?
    I've shot a lot thru my various muskets but never experimented with the different material that nipples are made of. I'm sure that the
    expansion of the flash hole in the nipple thru erosion has got to affect average group size at any given distance.

    Thanks for any pointers on this.

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    Re: Best musket nipples?

    I have been well satisfied with Stainless Steel
    Lou Lou Lou Ruggiero
    Tamanny Regt-42nd NYVI

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    Re: Best musket nipples?

    Aampco bronze should last the longest. In any event, the gun will tell you when it's time to replace it's nipple. Groups and fliers will increase. I always keep a spare in my shooting box just as insurance in case something happens in the middle of a Skirmish.
    This is a bit off track, but I have an aampco bronze pressure plate o-ring conversion in my Sharps carbine that I have been shooting for at least six years with NO signs of fire cutting or erosion.
    Greg Ogdan, 11444
    110th OVI

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    Re: Best musket nipples?

    Aampco (mis-named "Bronze") nipples are THE BEST!

    They do not have the tendency to rust and, in my experience, last longer than either Stainless steel or regular steel nipples.

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    Re: Best musket nipples?

    I'm glad that this discussion came up. I have been wondering the same. I have used stainless and many years ago, the ampco. One thing that I have noticed is that many of the nipples I see for sale have what I think, are huge flash holes. Does anyone know what is optimal for a flash hole for a musket nipple. I may be crazy (well I am..) but it seems that my .54's burn out nipples faster than my .58's. I shoot 3f goex or more recently, swiss 2fg in skirmish loads. Nothing excessive as far as pressure is concerned.
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    Re: Best musket nipples?

    Yancey,I checked the hole diameter of the stainless nipples at about .035 and the "Ampco steel" at .028 diameter. All the ampco nipples have the same size holes. I like using them in my revolver because they come six in a pack and are all matched. When you get revolver nipples in an assortment you can get all differant size touch hole diameters. Now what the preferred touch hole diameter should be, I don't have the answer. I do use ampco nipples in my musket & smoothbore & stainless in my carbine & sharps rifle. Also use 3 f goex.

    Mike 110th OVI

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    Re: Best musket nipples?

    I had problems with hole size consistency until I started buying them direct from Treso. Treso is a brand name for House of Muskets who is the manufacturer. I have never had a probelm with consistency since I started buying direct.

    TRESO nipples are made from Ampco, a tough alloy with a tensile
    strength of 118,000 psi, which is tougher than most steels used in
    muzzleloading barrels. This material provides more resistance to
    repeated blows from the hammer, and the high thermal conductivity of
    Ampco alloy affects a faster heat dissipation. This dissipation reduces
    erosion of the small base hole and assures a longer lasting nipple.
    All nipples have a small base hole (.028") to greatly reduce the amount
    of escaping powder gases. Many muzzle loading experts feel an added
    benefit of the small base hole is the hot gases from the percussion cap
    are more concentrated and uniformly directed against the powder chamber.

    The House of Muskets
    Pagosa Springs, CO
    Scott Kurki
    The Dulany Troop, 6th Virginia Cavalry

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