Be aware, you can activate any original American Civil War/War Between the States unit that served either State (militia, home guards) or Government (U.S. or C.S.). Army, Navy or Marine units have been accepted, with proof that such unit actually existed.

The only restriction is if you are attempting to use the Regimental designation or a Company name for a unit that already exists within the N-SSA. They have prior claim, but they may allow you use – it is up to them.


  • Complete Statement of Application Form (submit two copies)
  • A copy of your unit’s Membership Roster
  • The dues for your members and the $100.00 application fee
  • A short unit history (usually about one to five pages) this tells the wartime history of your unit, its campaigns and engagements. (one copy)
  • Letters of recommendation from two member units in the region you will join.
  • A copy of your unit’s Bylaws and Rules.

These usually take the following form:

  1. Purpose of the organization—in short, what the goals are. These usually follow the form of the National Bylaws: To commemorate the service and sacrifice of the soldiers of both North and South; To preserve the history of the Civil War, in both its artifacts and sites; To promote the safe use and handling of Civil War and black powder firearms; To respect the Constitution and the Rights of Citizens under its protection.
  2. Unit Organization – Officers and their duties; Elections of Officers.
  3. Membership requirements, qualification/levels (probationary, active, inactive), disciplinary action and expulsion.
  4. Meetings and conduct of meetings.
  5. Amending Bylaws and Rules.
  6. Shooting teams and how they will be selected.
  7. Team uniform description (must meet requirements of N-SSA Bylaws and Rules. This is determined by the Uniform Committee) - Hats/caps, uniform coat/jacket, shooting shirt, trousers/pantaloons, shoes/boots, equipage, i.e. cartridge boxes, cap boxes, belts, slings, straps, haversacks, canteens, packs, swords, bayonets, side knives, etc.. NOTE: This will also require photos of unit members in the team uniform, showing the items enumerated above.

Hopefully, this will get you started. If you have any questions, please contact Bill Adams or myself.

Ken Stiles
Membership Committee Chairman

Mark E. Latham
Uniform Committee Chairman

Another resource for help in the process is the N-SSA Executive Secretary:

Executive Secretary, N-SSA