N-SSA Seniority Number 143-TW

The Lenoir Braves were organized in Lenoir County, NC in June 1861. Captain William Sutton was the Unit Commander. The Unit was loosely attached to Company K, 32nd Regiment NC Troops. The Company was captured at Fort Hatteras on August 29, 1861. After confinement in two Union prison camps, the depleted company was part of a parole and exchange. Survivors ware reorganized and assigned as Company A, 3rd Regiment NC Artillery, 40th Regiment NC Troops. Company A was stationed at Fort Lane near New Bern, NC until New Bern was evacuated in March, 1863. The company was then assigned for a long period of time as provost guard near Wilmington, NC. The Unit marched to Kinston, NC and helped drive the Federals from the field on March 6th, 1865. The entire Regiment, including Company A, was heavily engaged as infantry near Bentonville, NC. The Regiment suffered severely at Bentonville and during a subsequent retreat, most of the Regiment was surrender on April 26, 1865. Shortly thereafter, the war ended and survivors of Company A returned to Lenoir County.

The N-SSA version of the Lenoir Braves was organized in October, 1967 and placed in the Tidewater Region. The Unit inspection was performed in l968 at the 37th N-SSA Nationals. The Unit included transfer members from the Washington Grays plus some local Lenoir County boys. It was an eight-man Unit with Jim Jordon as the first Unit Commander. The first new recruit, who is still a member of the Braves, is the great-great-grandson of Captain William Sutton. Perhaps the modern Lenoir Braves are best known for hosting the popular "Hogpen Skirmishes" held near Deep Run, NC during the mid-l980's. The Lenoir Braves currently include members from North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.



Commander:  Jack McCowan,  mccowangang@hotmail.com 

Adjutant:  Mike Seymour, mvseymour@live.com 

Pay Master: Lyle Holland,  wahotyger@embarqmail.com