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8th Texas Cavalry

The N-SSA version of "Terry's Texas Rangers" was formed in November, 1989, and originally consisted of 8 Charter Members. Of these, six are still active with the overall membership expanded to a current total of 23.

The club's name and uniform are proudly based on the original 8th Texas Cavalry, CSA, as formed by colonel Benjamin F. Terry in March, 1861. The original 'Rangers', famed for their fierce charges with shotgun and revolver, distinguished themselves in several Civil War battles including Shiloh, Murfreesborough, Ft. Donelson, Chickamauga, Knoxville, New Hope Church, Big Shanty, and Bentonville. Only a fraction of the men remaining at wars end officially surrendered and accepted parole on April 26, 1865.

Our team is dedicated to competitive shooting of Civil War era weapons within the N-SSA, participating in approximately 8 Regional and 2 National Skirmishes on an annual basis. We are currently the only "confederate" team within our Region, adding to our unique character and to the friendly rivalry with "union" teams. Additionally, the 'Rangers' further attempt to help preserve this important part of our national heritage by participating in community events such as the Memorial Day Parade in Fulton, NY, and the Canal Town Days Parade in Palmyra, NY. Participation in these events by our spouses and children help make the 'Rangers' a very family oriented club, and hopefully Serve to ensure this sport, and "Terry's Texas Rangers", will continue to thrive in the future.

                  Terry's Texas Rangers prepare to take down their targets  during carbine match at a Northeast Regional shoot.

Team Commander, Luella Depape, leads another Ranger carbine team at a Northeast Regional shoot.

Rangers make every shoot count as the last few target are blown
away during a carbine match.

Ranger Headquarters in Virginia...home away from home when the Rangers shoot at the Nationals.

Ranger pistol team stand together after competing at the Spring


Texas Ranger Joe Prucelaments on missing his clay bird...but he had a "hellava" group.


 Camp life... Dave Wood cooks up the hotdogs for a joint Ranger
family supper after a long day of skirmishing at the Nationals.



The 8th Texas Cavalry prepares to spring into action as Rangers
grab the muskets to compete at the Nationals.


Musket shooting Rangers pose just before competion gets under way at the Nationals.

Ranger medal winners at the Spring Nationals.

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