The New England Region was formed in August, 1969, and skirmishes in eastern New York and New England. This region is quite active, with skirmishes scheduled for 2009 in Saratoga and Middletown, NY, Glastonbury and Chaplin, CT and Hopkinton, MA. 15 Union and Confederate units call this region home, as well as the Young Skirmisher and Senior Skirmisher from the 110th Nationals.

A look at what you may expect at a skirmish.

Springfield Musket

The Teams of the New England Region

 New England Region


Regional IG


1st Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry  

14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

4th Virginia Infantry

15th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

67th New York Volunteer Infantry

5th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

 17th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

73rd New York Volunteer Infantry

10th Massachusetts Battery, Light Artillery

20th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

120th New York Volunteer Infantry




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Regional Officers

  Commander: Ed Moore, 10th Mass Btty
Deputy Commander: Lou Ruggerio, 42nd NY
Paymaster: Andy La Patra, 14th Va Cav
Adjutant: Dick Pagano, 15th CVI

Inspector General: Tom Hines, 15th CVI
SAC: Dave Holmes, 14th CVI, Roy Singleton, 5th CVI



Regional Schedule

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Regional Skirmish Information

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Map of Ft. Shenandoah

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