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5th Connecticut

Volunteer Infantry

New England Region 172-EN

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Welcome to the 5th C.V.I.'s Home page. 

    The original Fifth CVI   was recruited during 1861 from through out  the state.  The Fifth CVI fought the first two years of the war as unit of  the Army of the Potomac.  After Gettysburg the Fifth CVI was reassigned to the Army of the Cumberland and later served under Sherman on his infamous "March to the Sea".  The Fifth was mustered out of service in July of 1865.    

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A photo of the N-SSA 5th C.V.I., circa 1988

The new Fifth CVI has been a proud member organization of the North-South Skirmish Association since 1973.  This family oriented organization is well represented at all New England Region events, National matches, local parades and living histories.  For a schedule of this years events please see the menu at the bottom of the page.  The newly elected  officers of the Fifth are Mike Thomas, Commander; Mark Wicander, Deputy Commander; and Alex Csanyi, Adjutant.

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