15th Regiment
Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

"the Lyon Regiment"


General Nathanial Lyon of Connecticut was the first union General killed in the Civil War




The present 15th CVI was recreated in 1962, joined the N-SSA in 1963 and was accepted in 1963, seniority number 117. The team to beat in the New England Region, the 15th has also been one of the top teams at the Nationals. Only two members of the original team still are active shooters, Ed and Ted Occhi.












The History of the 15th CVI


1862 Fredericksburg

1863 Edenton Road, Suffolk Virginia and Providence Church Road

1864 Colraine NC destroyed large commissary store of 62nd Georgia Cavalry

1865 Goldsboro NC Jackson Mills; occupied Kinston and Newbern NC

Mustered out July 12, 1865

1,617 men served; 25 killed in action; 15 died of wounds; 143 died of disease; 14 died in Libby Prison